FDB4197 - Brake Pad Set, disc brake


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  Front Axle

This set has four pads so you will need only one product to replace pads on the entire axle.

  Dimensions and size
Length 126.8 mm
Thickness 18 mm
Width 71.1 mm

Inspection Tag R90 Homologated
Fitting Position Front Axle
Wear Warning Contact incl. wear warning contact
Weight 1.758 kg
Brake System Lockheed
WVA Number 24991
WVA Number 20904
Weight 1.76 Kg
Barcode: 4044197465460
Taxcode: 87083091

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Brake Pad Set, disc brake

Length: 126.7 mm Brake System: Lockheed Thickness: 18 mm Height: 71.2 mm

Body Model Produced KW HP CCM
LTI TX 2.5 D 2006-01 - ... 75 102 2499
Original Equipment Numbers

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