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28 days

DELPHI® 0165017/0
Magnetic Clutch, air conditioner compressor

Compressor ID: V5 A-1 Diameter 1: 132 mm


28 days

DELPHI® TSP0155015
Compressor, air conditioning

Compressor Oil: PAG 150 Compressor ID: V5 Compressor ID: A-1 Supplementary Article/Info 2: with PAG compressor oil Manufacturer Restriction: Delphi Belt Pulley Ø: 130 mm


28 days

DELPHI® 0425009/0
Control Valve, compressor

Compressor ID: V5 Operating Mode: Mechanical Colour: Red Manufacturer Restriction: Harrison


28 days

TEAMEC® 8600052
Compressor, air conditioning

Number of Ribs: 1 Compressor Oil: PAG 100 Pulleys: with v-ribbed belt pulley Compressor ID: V5 Oil Fill Quantity: 265 ml Voltage: 12 V Manufacturer Restriction: DELPHI Belt Pulley Ø: 132 mm