ATE 24.0109-0147.1 - Brake Disc

Premium quality

No longer deliverable by the manufacturer

Premium quality brake disc. This is the one single brake disc. If you plan to change discs on the entire axle then you should buy two products.

  Dimensions and size
Brake Disc Thickness 9.0 mm
Centering Diameter 68.0 mm
Height 46.5 mm
Inner Diameter 154.0 mm
Minimum thickness 8.0 mm
Outer Diameter 258.0 mm

The original ATE® brake disc. First class original quality materials and workmanship deliver the outstanding braking performance. Truly impressive, highly-durable with reliable corrosion protection and resistance to high temperatures ATE® brake discs ensure safe, vibration-free and comfortable braking.

Brake Disc Type solid
Number of Holes 5
Bolt Hole Circle Ø 114.3 mm
Bore Ø 12.5 mm
MAPP code available
Test Mark E1 90R-02C0165/0842
Trade Numbers 409147
Weight 4.693 Kg

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