LPR R1004PCA - Brake Disc

This is the one single brake disc. If you plan to change discs on the entire axle then you should buy two products.

  Dimensions and size
Brake Disc Thickness 10.9 mm
Centering Diameter 30 mm
Height 82.2 mm
Minimum thickness 9.5 mm
Outer Diameter 274 mm

LPR® brake disc with integrated wheel bearings is for safe and more efficient repair procedure. These safety-critical components already pre-mounted and help to avoid damage to the bearing during removal, and ensure the correct pressing in into the new one. Installation is quick and simple and does not require any specific tools.

Number of Holes 5
Brake Disc Type solid
Tightening Torque 280 Nm
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info with accessories
Supplementary Article/Info 2 with wheel bearing set
Supplementary Article/Info 2 with ABS sensor ring
Trade Numbers R1004PCA
Weight 7.62 Kg


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