ZIMMERMANN 400.3633.20 - Brake Disc

No longer supplied by the manufacturer

This is the one single brake disc. If you plan to change discs on the entire axle then you should buy two products.

  Dimensions and size
Height 35.5 mm
Minimum thickness 20 mm
Outer diameter 276 mm
Thickness 22 mm

The original Zimmermann® brake disc responds to the highest quality and original requirements of vehicle manufacturers. The exceptional braking result is achieved by combining high-quality cast materials with anti-corrosion protection Coat Z™. Zimmermann® brake disc has significantly longer life and outstanding resistance to thermo-mechanical deformation.

Weight 5.12 kg
Hub Bore Ø 67 mm
Machining High-carbon
Brake Disc Type Perforated
Brake Disc Type Internally Vented
Hole Arrangement / Number 6/5
Bolt Hole Circle Ø 1 112 mm
Surface Coated
Weight 5.326 Kg
Barcode : 4250238757535

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Body Model Produced KW HP CCM
Hatchback MERCE A-CLASS (W168) A 210 (168.035, 168.135) 2002-03 - 2004-08 103 140 2084
Original Equipment Numbers


168 421 0712